Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Just Happened?

My heel was too sore for my planned run - arse - so I washed the car instead! Didn't see that one coming. Right out of left field. There is something oddly therapeutic about blasting the dirt with a high pressure washer - it's kind of like smashing stuff only you end up with a nice clean car at the end. But then things went just plain crazy - I only went and polished it - the car not the pressure washer. I think I need to check my temperature, by rights, after such a display, I should be running a fever.

Well anyway, I put in an hour and forty five minutes on the bike which was relatively easy in the heel. It's still sore - pants. Not sure how the Dursley's going to go tomorrow but it's definitely still touch and go. Hopefully taping it up will enable me to run. After a rest day - from at least - I should go quick but it all hangs on how much pain I can endure - or am willing to...

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