Saturday, February 26, 2011

Missed Opportunity

Been a tiring week. Was out quizzing last night - and we didn't do too bad, 6th I think. Before you say it, yes, there were more than six teams. Probably 20+. Got the shopping done early today on the way home but by the time I reached home I felt a bit knackered.

Spent the day in the gym. Well, my exercise time was spent in the gym. Four solid bike hours. Managed to catch up on a few bits and pieces. Plus later on, when the weather finally did improve, I got outside and washed the car. Followed that by pressure washing the driveway. Finally I installed the new cat flap - a super dooper RFID jobber - that should keep that ginger bastard out! Mind you, Squeaker is a bit timid so it might take her a while to pluck up the courage to push through - she doesn't like 'gadgets'. She'll get the hang of it.

Tomorrow I'm going to the mountains - and yes, I feel guilty I didn't get there today - but I'm definitely heading over tomorrow. Running with Pat again, we'll be covering the last few bits of the traverse route that I'm not acquainted with. Hope the weather holds...

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