Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've been a good boy

After the laziness of yesterday came the work of today. Pat W shook off his recent illness to meet me for a recce over the last two sections of the South Wales Traverse route that I've not previously covered. His help on the first of the days two recces was especially invaluable. The route up to and over Ystrad - or what ever the hell it's called - was really fiddly and without his guidance I would have been faffing around on a highly sub-optimal route. With his guidance I reckon the route is nailed - not going to be getting cocky though, I will be heading back up there for more of the same but at least I have the route safely captured on my GPS.

Funniest part of the run was a short section down from Ystard across the quarry. At one point we just launched off a steep, gravelly edge and sped down using the power of gravity. There was a chap watching as we approached the edge and he saw us just drop off over. Once at the bottom I glanced back to see he'd moved to the edge to see how we'd faired because it really did look a steep old drop - we must have appeared slightly mental - and in some small way all fell runners are - some more than others...

Then it was back to the car and over to the second of the days recces. The ascent to Pen Cerrig Calch. Another very worth while little run - five miles and 2,000 feet of ascent verses the first recce's six and a half miles and only 1,500 feet of ascent. Definitely worth running. There were a few pointers to take note of.

Safely back home now and I'm finishing off with an hours loosener on the bike. Then it'll be time to kick back and chill...

Recce One:-

Recce Two:-

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