Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Better The Blister You Know

A little bit of Kylie for you there.

The blister is feeling a lot better. Is that because it's healing well? or perhaps it's the 'Compeed' magic? I'd be happy with a bit of both.

Been another 75 minutes on the bike but I'm stealing myself for a 'test' run tomorrow. I'll be working from home on my power-point presentation for the Spanish, the CEO and other big nobs - don't ask - I only hope I don't shit me-self!

A lunchtime run through the woods me thinks - but it'll be easy, very easy and if I feel I'm making things worse, that the heel isn't ready, that I'm doing harm - Hippocrates and all that jazz - then I will abort. Mind you, I've not taken the 'oath'. I hope the forecast is decent though.

For some reason, despite the blister, the lack of running and the dirtiness of my car three days after cleaning it, I'm feeling fully fine...

Been a bloody strange one tonight!!!

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