Saturday, February 19, 2011

What A Feeling

Recce's believin'. What a BRILL-E-ANT recce in the mountains. Mint. Gert Ace. And I feel fine...

The forecast was spot on. Shit, wet start in the mist. Low visibility but by the time we got to the end of the outward leg - that is the start of the stage, you see we started at the end and ran to the start. Never mind. By the time we got to the other side - no, we didn't pass over, just ran - the mist had lifted somewhat. Giving us almost total clarity for the route recce - but there were still a few spots of low cloud. By the time we finished the sun was only flippin' shinning weren't it!

It was great running with Pat. He had all the split times for a 22 hour traverse and as we progressed we were spot on. We got the route spot on as well - brilliant. We even managed to make a few tweaks to his route, discovering new and faster ways to run sections of the route. Mind, there were still a few bits I need to re-cover to ascertain the optimum but it was a really worthwhile recce and with the good visibility I now have a feel for the lie of the land where once I had none.

In total we covered twenty three and a half mountainous, soggy miles with close to six thousand feet of ascent. In just under six hours that did include a fair amount of stopping to discuss route choices and the like.

The worst part was the six o'clock start to the day. The best bit was the fact that the taping I applied to my blistered foot held up great. I don't think I set back the healing at all. I felt a bit of discomfort during the run but it didn't so any harm - I love the hippopotamustic oath.

The only other downside is the bloody six o'clock start tomorrow to get back over to the mountains again - but tomorrow's run will be a bit shorter. We're recceing the forest section from Pen Twyn Mawr down to the road and back up to Chwarel y Fan - try saying that after a few vodka and coke's - mmmh, mmmh - what? I'm allowed to relax aren't I?

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