Monday, February 21, 2011

Adding The Green Chillies

I'm going to be liking it hot with a bit of home-ish cooking. But that's a story for another day - or more likely never, yep, I think we'll stick to never since it has nothing to do with pretty much anything. I'm waffling. Moving on.

I've had - or in the process of having - a day off work today. The rest of the week is going to be a bit hectic. In fact, the rest of the month is - but then that is only one further working day. So anyway, I thought I'd use up a flexi before I lose it on carry over at the end of the month.

On the training front, today is fully a recovery day so strictly no running. But that's not to say no training. I've been on the exercise bike for two hours. One hour higher effort, the other less so. In the gap between bike hours I put out a steady upper body workout on the rower. To you, that's a 3500m session. Finished off with a bit of core work - 74 push-ups, 114 sit-ups in two sets. I'm gradually increasing the reps at a rate of one extra rep per set per session. The benefit of the core work is starting to pay off. The extra strength helps me stay tall - well, five foot eight anyway - allowing me to keep breathing deeply even when fatigue starts to take hold - and that, my friends, I put down to my increased core strength.

The training done, it's time to start looking at my traverse pace schedule. The spreadsheet from Tom G is very detailed and should help me work out a viable plan. Then there's some consideration to be given to which parts of the route need further investigation. I certainly need to recce the A40 up to Pen Cerrig Calch and the ascent from Abercynafon to Ystrad and with those bits done, I will have covered the entire traverse route. After that it's just a case of working out which bits need further practise and optimisation. As things stand it's going well and I feel optimistic.

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