Monday, February 07, 2011

The Training Must Go On

...And it did.

Definitely feeling yesterday's effort in my legs. They are sore - but no more sore than you'd expect after a solid race performance. Still pretty made over by how well I ran. But there's no time to sit back and reminisce. It was back to training with - if not a bump - certainly a gentle tap. Martin and I got out for another lunch run but I had to persuade him that a run through the Malago Park rather up over Dundry was the way to go - he wasn't too sure but my legs sure as hell were.

So we headed out for a easy four and a half miles but it was anything but easy. The wind was howling and I found the going tough. I wasn't sure if I would make it round the full normal route because my legs didn't feel great and the wind was sapping my remaining strength - but I did. Had to laugh - or cry - on the run in along Brunel Road though. A couple of strong gusts did actually bring me to a complete dead halt. I took two or three steps on the spot before recovering forward traction. I was mighty glad to get in out of the wind - but also bloody glad I got out there. Will have done my legs the power of recovery.

Tonight I eased it with just an hour on the bike. I've deferred the rower so I'll hit out 5000m tomorrow - Rome wasn't built in a day - two wasn't it? Finished off with the now standard push-ups and sit-ups - the six pack is looking greaaat, even if I do say so myself - vain bastard.

And finally I've continued with the healthy(ish) living theme I started last week with a Veggie Bhuna. OK, so the bottle curry sauce is perhaps not the healthiest but at least I can control all the veggies I chuck in and I'm not quite up to do the curry bit from first principles just yet - give me time - no, second thoughts, don't think I'll ever be there. Also, learning from last week I cut back on the chilli's tonight and even though I say so myself it was flippin lush, just about the right 'hotness' and I've put two spare portions to the freezer for later in the week. Yum. This home made malarchy is working really well; put it all together, lob in the oven, go exercise, shower and then consume - brilliant!

Well anyway, I'll stop boring you now. Onwards, ever onwards, I've got the bit between my teeth now...

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