Monday, February 28, 2011

What Have I Done?

I have been talked into running quite a 'tricky' race on the weekend. Now when I say tricky, what I mean is a down right bitch of a challenge. It will take me longer - stop it - than I have ever been before. Will push me to the very edge. To the event horizon from whence there is no return. The very heart of hell - and then out the far side. Yes, on Friday night - note, 'night' - I will be taking my place as the fourth man of the team in the High Peak Marathon.

Now a normal marathon is 26 miles, but oh, they couldn't live with that, no this bad boy is 42 miles - and that's if you don't get lost! And a marathon normally means road race but oh no, not this beast, we are talking the mountains of the Lake District.

I think I'm fit enough. Certainly almost back to my best but am I really? I guess I'll know by Saturday afternoon. And you know what? I'm almost looking forward to it - I say almost in the way that a nettle eating contestant looks forward to competition. The only downside is that I will almost certainly not be in a fit state to run Long Mynd the following day on Sunday, but never say never.

Tonight, was just an easy hour bike session - got to start my taper...

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