Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magic Tape

OK, not exactly. In a moment of desperation I order myself a selection box - of medical tapes. Stretchy ones. Ones that aren't. Sticky ones. Ones that only stick to themselves. Ones that stick to your skin. A veritable cornucopia of tape.

So today I was working from home. Working with powerpoint - of a sort, I don't actually own powerpoint so I was using the opensource alternative, Libre Office, and it's not a bad substitute. Didn't manage to get out for a run because I got completely carried away in the the moment. My head wanted to explode by the end of it all but I think I managed to create something workable.

So in a bid to test the blister I decided to try taping with the stretchy, stick to itself tape. And I think it's a winner. For the first time this week I sat astride the rower and pulled for all I was worth - stop it. I beat my previous 3500m time by a minute and I was up at my 2000m pace. The foot was moving around a fair bit in the stirrup but I didn't feel a thing. No pain. No chaffing. Don't want to get too carried away but I'm feeling positive.

Definitely need the lunch run tomorrow but after that I will ease back for Saturdays loooong run in the mountains with Pat. The mountain forecast looks OK - not that it won't be completely different in 24 hours, or even a couple of hours for that matter. Looking forward to it.

Oh yeah, and of course I put it in an hour on the exercise bike after the row. And now I'm off to shower, scoff my smokey bacon stew stuff wot I cooked - after the shower, not during - and put my feet up for the rest of the night.

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