Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Time To Recover

Taking it easy today. Call me lazy but I'm skipping the row tonight - and no, you're not actually supposed to call me lazy, figure of speech and all that. Still managed an hour on the bike and some sit-ups. Legs feel OK after yesterday's race but time for an easier day.

There's going to be some uncharacteristic nerves happening tomorrow. I'm not a great orator, so not looking forward to giving my short presentation to an audience of business people. Needs must and all that and maybe my immense charismatic charm will carry the day - hide that smirk, just joking. I'm more a behind the camera man than an in front of it one. More a director, less an actor. But like Gloria, I will survive. Hence the need for a bit of a rest tonight. Might whack on one of my comedy dvds later - but which one? Oh no, the choice is stressing me...

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