Friday, January 01, 2010

A running start to the new year

but only just! We pootled through Flaxley Wood and no more. No Hang Over 10k. No Gloucester 5 Miler either. Just an easy 11k with 1,000 feet of ascent. It was a lovely day for it though - stop it. Crisp, frozen earth and bright sunshine glistening through the tree tops.

After the run we headed into Gloucester to meet up with Sian and Phil for lunch in the Pilot Inn and to catch the race result. Phil ran, Sian did not on account of coming back from injury and, in fact, Phil won it - nice work. His prize? Choccy biscuits - nicer - but I'm not sure that's the best of winnings for a lean, mean running machine such that he is.

Well that's it for today 'cept maybe I'll hope aboard the bike later for a top up - you know it makes sense.

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