Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A cold cold evening

on which to race the Bridge Inn 5k.

I so want to run a good 5k again but it wasn't going to be today. All day I've been under a malaise because I know I haven't done enough training. Things have been going better but it's still not there just yet.

Anyway, back to the race and I almost missed the start trying to get the generator started - I sort out the lighting for the finish - but just made it down to the start in time to amble out of the blocks.

I really couldn't get myself racing tonight. It was just jog, jog, jog. I guess that's a little understating the effort I put in but I honestly didn't get far outside of my comfort zone this evening.

As I crossed the line and looked to my watch I was highly surprised to see I was inside twenty minutes. From my perceived effort I felt sure I was along way outside but in reality my time was 19:35 - and that really was a big surprise.

So it would seem my increased mileage is working through to my racing. I felt strong at the finish which is the first time in a goodly while...

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