Sunday, January 24, 2010

Couldn't muster for a run

I decided to give the bike a full test after its recent renovation - that and the fact I couldn't be arsed to go for a run. I'm happy to report a smooth ride - fnah, fnah. So at least I know what spares to keep in stock. And the best part of that is that those spares cost less than a tenner.

Still haven't heard back from Reebok support though, which, even though I've now fixed it at low cost, is still rather annoying. A no show from Fred's Generic Gym Equipment would be poor but for a large multi-national company to ignore its user base is pitiful. On the plus side, they won't need to be bothered by me again - 'cause they ain't getting any more orders from me. When you spend three hundred notes on some gear - no, I'm not talking banned substances - the least you expect is some after sales support. It wasn't as if I was asking for a freebe. I just wanted to part with more cash to get the bike going again. Poor. Very Poor. Reebok, if you're listening, get your act together. In the scheme of things my cash might not be worth much but what little it was will be going to a competitor in the future.

Anyway, I did a strenuous hour on the bike and have the jelly legs to show for it...

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