Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's been ages since I've watched an episode of Columbo, the rumpled detective. That led me to 90 minutes on the bike while watching. I should have gone for a run. I had planned to go for a run. In the end I plumped for Columbo.

My left hip was a little sore after yesterdays run and I didn't want to agrevate it so the bike it was. Now I know if I want to get back to where I once was I've really got to cut out these days of slacking but ninety minutes on the bike ain't a walk in the park - no, that would be ninety minutes walking that would be a walk in the park, if indeed the walk was in a park. By the end of the session I found myself needing some food as I was a little hypo. It might not be worth the same training effect as running but it was ninety minutes of sustained effort.

The May Hill Massacre is coming up next week. Last year I said I wanted to be first local man this time around. Well that ain't going to happen but I am going to go faster than last year, irrespective of the conditions. That is a promise. Last year I was 37th in 1:07:20. The year before I was 11th in 1:03:56 and before that 13th in 1:03:43. For the record I am aiming for 1:05.

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