Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just me and the dogs

After having to wait in for the van man to come and collect 'Old Crumpled' - to make room on the drive for 'Silver' - I finally got out for a run with Brown Dog mid way between one o'clock and two - commonly referred to as half past one.

I tried to come up with some never tried before route... but in the end I ran through Flaxley and Blaisdon Woods. A loop here. A loop there before heading over the hill and back home. Considering how little time it snowed yesterday evening it was surprising how much snow there was on the higher bits.

Anyway, I managed to make the distance up to 19km and a few millimetres shy of 2,000 feet of ascent. Despite the lack of originality on the route choice the time passed quickly and I got up some good pace here and there - and I'm not just talking about the downhill sections. Believe it or not I felt strong on the climbs and I left Mrs B a goodly number of times. Either I'm improving or old father time is catching up with her - it's probably the latter but don't tell 'a certain person' I said that...

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