Friday, January 22, 2010

Lets do lunch

It was a piss poor day on the weather front and I was well up for giving it a miss. Martin didn't appear over eager but we coaxed ourselves out into the wind and the rain - have to say he had to do a bit more coaxing than me.

Quick it was not as we went clockwise over the Dundry loop. On count back, I think it's the first time this year we've run Dundry and only our second lunch run - slackers are we.

We were slow. It rained the whole time but at least we did it. It's been three in a row for me since Wednesday. Tomorrow Helen and I are over to Wales to check out some vans before hitting the Black Mountains - more wetness I am suspecting.

I'm going to finish on a high note. The exercise bike? It's alive!!! After getting bugger all response from Reebok in the UK I'm glad I gambled on getting the bearings from the King - the It took a few minutes to get it all apart - and a few more to get it all back together afterwards - but after a bit of jiggery pokery - now, don't go looking that phrase up in the dictionary because I don't think it's politically correct - screw political correctness. Oh, and I don't think dictionaries actually do phrases so you'd be struggling on that front.

Bottom line the bike is back and running as sweet as a nut - now where have I heard that statement before...

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