Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling alright

It was a pretty pleasant run this afternoon. Not too cold. Very little wind - I'v not eaten beans for a few weeks - and dry. What more could you want?

Martin and I ran the anti-clockwise Dundry route today and that meant the more difficult direction in my humble opinion, the one where you get the up all in one sweet hit with no respite. For me today was a good one - I managed to keep up with Martin! It didn't seem that we were going that quick and by the top I think we both felt OK. I was definitely running within myself - deja vu from Tuesday.

The climb was hard work but I wasn't anywhere near feeling like stopping. On occasions I've almost stopped on the climb so, on finding it a bit easier today, I thought we must have been going slow. Even at the finish, having not run the anti-clockwise for a month or so, I couldn't remember whether 31:20 was quick or slow. Now I've had a chance to look back through the captains log, 31:13 is our quickest, set at the end of December - and we were trying on that occasion. To run today's time so easily feels really good - especially as I missed training yesterday because I didn't feel well. I can feel the momentum building. I can almost smell a long run on the weekend...

and you know what? There is entirely too much 'feeling' going on in this blog post - stop it - but sod it, I'm not re-writing it!

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