Saturday, January 16, 2010

Been a bit quiet

I've been a bit lethargic this week. In fact, training has been pants.

The bearings on the bike are finally shot - bad design coupled with high use has led to catastrophic failure. I have the Reebok spares list but fortunately they list the bearing types so I shall source them elsewhere to save a few quid. I have requested the prices from Reebok but I know they'll be a mighty price compared to your common all garden 6003-2Z SKF and 6903-2Z SKF bearings. I can get all four required bearings off for under twenty quid - and I've gone for higher spec versions - don't think the prices from Reebok will come in under that.

Any rate. I missed the Garth today on account of it being a one hundred and ten mile round trip for a couple of miles racing - of course the fact that it pissed down with rain for the majority of the day had absolutely nothing to do with it what so ever.

I am definitely running the Riverbank Rollick tomorrow though - for one thing it's only a 70 mile round trip for 8.7 miles of racing so that's much more worth it.

On the geek front, I've finally managed to cobble together the necessary software and techniques to be able to map out all the local footpaths (from the 25,000:1 map) and download them as a vector map image to my eTrex GPS. Finally I shall be able to start trying out some new routes. Before I'm finished I'll know the Longhope area like the back of my hand...

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