Friday, December 19, 2008

Oops I didn't do it again

Looks like I failed again. Today's been just too topsy turvy. I had a good commute into work - where has all the traffic gone? - shouldn't have said that, should I? And work was also good but being a specy - I can't be without my goggles for too long. The contacts are fine but I can't wear them in all the time and being a slightly absent minded, mad professor - ok, I lied about the professor bit, but not the mad part, honest guvnor, I left them pescy specs at the town house, doh. Had to go pick them up during lunch which scuppered my chance at a run. And tonight? Well, we're off out so you'll just have to call me Mr Potato.  

Thought for the day: While the rain comes down why not take the time to turn those potatos into chips.

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