Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm too lazy for my shoes

Too lazy for my running shoes, so lazy it hurts.

Yes, as you can guess didn't quite make it out for a run. This slacking is entirely too much - and at time when I was just getting going again. The Tuesday Bristol training group is over at Coombe Dingle but I really hate it over there - all that muddy grassy stuff - urrgh. Not doing that.

I have a window at work, a small iota of time eeked in between a couple of tasks where I can, with the luck of the Irish, get out for a lunch time run. I'll see if Clive T is game for it - ooh, er mrs - haven't had one of those for a while - but I will wager he'll not be. Anyhow, I shall do the old up over Dundry loop and see what kind of time I manage. Perhaps the lunchtime run is the way to go for now - at least until something better comes along...

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