Saturday, December 13, 2008

And that's a poor showing

I have struggled this week. The first half of the week was taken up by my utterly bad legs after the race last Sunday. My excuse for the latter part of the week? Just haven't been able to make the time - and the cold, oh, the cold.

We went to the Bristol and West / Westbury combined Christmas party last night. Where, once again, I went through the motions of my sad excuse for dancing - although by way of a change from my normal drunken moon walking I performed my robotic dancing instead - and I did that without the aid of any booze. Sadly, I am a lost cause.

Anyway, we're off up north to Halifax for the Calderdale Way Relays tomorrow. I'm on support duty only as I'm not required by any of the teams - but then again, I am a bit rubbish. If I was team captain I wouldn't pick me...

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