Thursday, December 25, 2008

At last a good run

So Christmas has finally rolled into town. Helen and I headed to the hills in the son of the beast with Brown Dog in tow.

It was our longest run of the honeymoon but for the first time I felt OK. We set off up Pen yr Ole Wen - a right leg burner from the start. We soon hit a bit of a climby section and for a moment, just a moment, Brown Dog faultered - but she made it up after a few tries - just like me she doesn't give up.

Eventually we made the summit before heading down the wrong path for over 200m of descent which we then had to re-ascend before taking the north path along the ridge around the tops. It was runnable - and we ran.

I really enjoyed it. What a way to spend Christmas. Simply ace. The views, however, were bloody rubbish. Low cloud meant we could see sod all. Two and a half hours after we started we made it back to the van.

I've put in more hours this week than in any other single week this year but I'm feeling better for it.


Anonymous said...

Lots of words in recent blogs like wedding, honeymoon and wife - have I missed an episode or are you just doing things in a different order?

The Mad Runner said...

You haven't missed a post, I've just been a bit cryptic is all. We tied the knot last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

well bless my soul and bless you both - congratulations

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