Friday, December 05, 2008

A new hope

My taper continues. And no, before you think it, I've not been a total lazy sod. I might not have managed a run - it's far too cold for that, me being from the south an' all. I did, however, manage an hour on the bike. It was hard effort in the last fifteen minutes but I just kept telling myself it was doing me good. I'm sure it's going to get me up those hills on Sunday a little more easily - well I flippin' hope it does anyway.

I can't say I'm totally looking forward to the Cracker up in Shropshire - because I know I'm not really in shape for it and after seeing the forecast - it looks like being a cold one to boot. My only hope is that I can summon the power of the mad runner to see me through...

Thought for the day: 'Budget' - A method for going broke methodically.

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