Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How lazy am I?

Well my good intentions are slipping. I hit another day of no training yesterday. I do have two valid reasons though. Firstly, my legs are still pants - although they feel much much better today so I should be tracking it tonight at full pace. Secondly, I had geek duty to perform on someones computer - didn't get it fixed mind, cause I seem to be rubbish on the ol' 'puter at the moment but I gave it a try.

I have an interesting snippet. This coming weekend is the Welsh Castles relay, the 200 mile, 20 stage relay race across Wales. We are struggling to fill the team after a number of high profile withdrawals. I normally go up to support because we run a vets team - and I'm too young - but I might now be required to run Leg 14 - Drovers. It's probably the most difficult of all the stages and although I'm not on top form I'm prepared to step into the breach. I've always wanted to run Drovers so now I have my chance...

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