Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Near miss

Well that was close - almost too close. Some might have considered it unlucky to have missed it but from my point of view, seeing the huge seagull poop land mere inches from me as I walked to the track was a very near miss - it was so large it might have rendered me unconscious...

Anyway, to the track and tonight's session. Let me start by saying it was hard - really bloody hard. Or maybe I'm just a bit rubbish - though, I'm pretty sure it was just plain hard. We ran pairs of 300m with just 15 seconds in between each 300m and a longer 200m jog between the pairs. I must 'fess up to missing the second one of the pair on the fourth set - my legs couldn't take - make that, my whole body couldn't take it. Sean, Bruce, Bruce's dad all ran well, as did new member Josh.

My times were 52 & 52, 53 & 56, 54 & 56, 53 & 56, a solo 57 and then 53 & 56 to finish. Rick said we needed to run hard but I just couldn't take it. I guess I paid for the first pair but that was quite possibly the hardest session I've ever done.

Hang on a minute, a quick look at the times - that's five and a half pairs which mean the session was six pairs of 300m - it also means I was totally out of it. I could have sworn it was five sets but the lap counter on the watch can't lie (can it?).

Well, I'm completely shot away now - nothing new there then - off to lie down in darkened room...

Thought for the day: Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.

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