Thursday, June 05, 2008

Five alive

I managed my fifth, yes, fifth day of training in a row. Admittedly one of those was the bike but I'm still blazing a trail unheard of from me of late - I only hope I can continue it. I've another bike session planned for tonight so we'll have to see if I make it.
Yesterday's track session was so so. Not great and certainly not hugely quick but never the less respectable. Rob was back in the fold but there was no Bruce or Bruce's dad - you win some you lose some. Sean, as always, was there as too was Helen and me and Rick - of course. We ran six 400's with 90s recovery followed by three 200's with about the same. We staggered the start, slowest first, so we all finished together - or that was the theory - didn't quite pan out that way every time.
My four's were a bit up and down. Sean had it about him and goaded me into a few fast bursts that I probably - make that definitely - shouldn't have done. Still, it was a laugh - although Helen wasn't amused at our testosteronic display - I couldn't let the whipper snappers have it all there own way though.
My times were in the range 72 to 75s with a disasterously terrible final 81! My two's were better, running 33, 32 and a final, dip on the line to beat Rob, 30s. Rob ran that last one in an unbelievable 26s having given me a 4s head start. He ever so nearly got me - and I wasn't hanging around but my authentic line dip just edged it - nice work.
Thought for the day (for Sean): You haven't won until you've won.

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