Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tiring training at the track

I managed to get myself out for my third training session in a row and fourth straight day - but boy was I tired. There was no Nick or Harry tonight but the ever regular Bruce and Sean together with Rick - goes without saying - carried the flag and a surprise visit from the speed king that is Tim.

We ran twenty 200's with a 100 jog recovery. Conditions were near perfect - just a shame my legs weren't. I struggled, and struggled big time. By the eighth I was ragged - and slowing fast. By the tenth I was finished - and finished in a big way. Still, I'm getting back. Perhaps three sessions back to back is a bit ambitious at this stage - even for the mad runner. I don't regret trying though. You have to push the boundaries if you want to improve and now I've got the fire back I'm sure as heck not going to let the flame go out. The lads completed the full session and I could tell they'd worked hard, so well done to them.

Anyway, with the track season fast approaching and a few minutes of rest I decided to embark on a bit of hurdling - got to be ready for May 3rd and the first of my 400m hurdle races - if I get the nod that is, can't take anything for granted. We might actually get some decent hurdles in the B team - but I doubt it.

I set out three hurdles and ran them five times. On each successive attempt I was able to run at the hurdle faster - that is to say, I didn't stutter and slow down into the hurdles with each successive attempt. It's all looking good - well, OK, looking good is probably - make that definitely - the wrong word but I get over them clean and as long as I can keep the speed up I'll go OK. I really want to try hone my technique - read, get some technique.

So that's it for tonight and in fact until Saturday when I take part in Ras yr Aran up in Snowdonia. It's probably about five mile too long for me at the moment but I've got to start somewhere.

Thought for the day: The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.

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