Sunday, March 30, 2008

I like them pigs

Well that was a nice surprise. I honestly didn't think I would go as fast as I did. I was only 7 seconds slower than last year but considering my lack of training mileage I'm really quite chuffed. I don't think it will take much work before I'm totally back up to strength - providing I can actually get myself out for some longs runs - those miles ain't gonna run themselves - if only someone could invent that, they'd be a millionaire.

I finished lower down the field today than last year on the same time so I guess that means the field was stronger. I believe I was 16th but I am honestly very pleased with that and I stayed the distance pretty well until about 11 miles - far further into the race than I feared at the start. Again, the race went off without a hitch so thanks to the Hogweed Trotters for putting on a great little race, The Hogweed Hilly Half IV. I might even train a bit for next years race...

Well done to Graham Grew, haven't seen him in a while but he clocked 1:33 and well done to Mark D clocking somewhere around 1:37 and seven or eight minutes quicker than last year - he's looking in good form for the Welsh Castles relay.

Thought for the day: Face what you think you believe and you will be surprised.

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