Saturday, March 08, 2008

Silecroft and the lucky pebble

Make of that one what you will...

I managed a bit of running today up at the Black Combe Fell Race. This year it was the first of six English Championship fell races - I hasten to add I wasn't running in the race, only spectating - they don't want the likes of me lowering the tone - only kidding. It's an enter before the day event with limited places so I left it to the proper runners.

I jogged come walked quickly to the second check point to watch the first runners through, then I headed over to six to follow the course in reverse down to check point five. It was blowing a massive gale and visibility was practically zero - but you know me and my technology - the old gps came up trumps and I was in perfect control of my direction.

Anyway, I did a bit of cheering at check point five before making the climb - and it was a biggy - back to check point six before running on amongst the racers - but keeping out of their way I hasten to add - to the finish. To add to the gloom in the last ten minutes while I was on the mountain the rain came down - booo.

It was a great trip up north and I'm looking forward to many more...

Well done to Helen F for second place - her best result in an English Championship race - kick starting her campaign in style.

Thought for the day: Inner Strength is when you can take criticism and blame without resentment.

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