Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Calf hearted

I didn't have the greatest session tonight - I was a bit tired from an afternoon on the job. Really though, it was my calves. They just started to tighten up and I wasn't prepared to risk them. I want to try for a longer run tomorrow after work so I need them fit for action.

So onto tonight. We ran a session of eight 500's with 90s jogged recovery. It was great to see both Nick and Harry - yes, I did say Harry - back in the fold - and I have to say, looking good value. Sean, as ever, was off the front while Bruce, Helen and me - sadly, in that order, held up the rear - ooh er. I only managed six in an around 1:37/8's. The rest of the gang all looked in good form. I had to intersperse my session with a one lap jog to try and relieve the calves - it didn't work and after the sixth I called it quits. Better to rest and return to fight another day than lose the battle before the war has begun.

Sean, Bruce and Rick finished off with three or four 200's - that Sean is fast becoming a mad man - good fellow.

Thought for the day: Good health is a blessing that allows a person to experience and enjoy life.

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