Monday, March 17, 2008

Mental boost

I finally managed to get out for a Monday training session after a Sunday race - yippee - no, really, non-sarcastic - yippee. I haven't really managed that of late - or even not of late - but I did tonight.

My legs felt OK during the day today. In fact, they felt so OK that I'm starting to doubt that I really ran as hard as I could have yesterday. I honestly felt I was on the edge yesterday but maybe... I don't want to think about that, the possibility that I might have been able to push myself more, still it was a good performance anyway. I'd like to believe that it's down to my slightly more focused training during the last week or two - coupled with my new secret weapon...

Anyway, we ran some k reps up on the Downs. Sean was there, as was Tim and Rick, of course. They ran six while I ran four. My quads did ache a little after the fourth so I wisely decided to stand down. I'm pleased with the effort though because I was about as quick as the last time we ran this session two weeks ago and I felt I wasn't pushing on the limit tonight so to be around about as quick was good - I hasten to add that I wasn't pushing to the limit because of yesterday's race.

I'm intending to try for some hill reps tomorrow but I can't promise. All in all today's been a good mental boost for me - shows I'm still on the road to Mandalay - I mean peak performance.

Thought for the day: A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

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