Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the up again...

Well that went better. I tried to get myself into the zone before the race - not sure I totally managed it but I did go a lot better. For the first time in a while I went up quite strongly - came down like a girl, mind - no disrespect intended - there are some bloody tough girls out there. What with all the rain and me being a speccy git I couldn't see s#@t and just had to err on the side of caution - just this once mind you.

Anyway, I feel more optimistic about the Hogweed Hilly half. I reckon I might go quite well - as long as this bloody rain lets up a bit. Damn you Michael Fish.

Well done to Helen F on another win - just a bit dissappointing for her that due to the weather the course was shortened thus ruling out a course record attempt - which, on current form, she would have got easy.

And on a final note I think I finished 6th overall in the Winter Series, just one place behind that damned Helen F...

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