Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well I made it but only just

There was a lot of flooding on the roads and the road to Aston Court was really bad. So bad I didn't think my car world make it through so I turned around and went the long way which made me late. So late, in fact, that the group had set off without me! They were just heading out of Ashton Court into Leigh Woods as I hopped out of the car. Luckily I had all my gear on, locked the car and shot off after them. I chased them down and caught up to them inside the woods. Again, luckily I chose the path that they had taken. There are a couple of ways you can go when you enter Leigh woods, so it was a good guess.

So how did the run go? Pretty good actually. I felt a lot stronger than I thought I would after yesterday. Felt good on the hills and overall really pleased. It was a relatively easy pace but normally after a long run, where I have worked hard, I am terrible the next day. My right calf is really tight now but then it started off that way so it's my own fault. Good news is that the left one is fine now and that's the one that has been giving me trouble of late so I'm not too worried. I recon it should be fixed by Tuesday for the session at Combe Dingle.

And finally, it didn't actually rain while we were out which was pretty amazing as there was thunder and lightning before and after. The gods were truly smiling on us today and we were blessed.

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