Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Running on the red stuff

Ran a great session on the track tonight. It was a pretty big session consisting of one 1000m, two 800's, two 600's and three 400's to finish, 5k of hard running in total. The calf held up brilliantly and I was able to run with full effort throughout the session. Ran the 1k in 3:22, the 800's in 2:40,2:38, both the 600's in 1:57 and the 400's in 72,72 and 70. I think I needed to have run the 600's a bit faster, maybe 1:54's but I will learn from this for next time. I'm going to do the interval session tomorrow night and then rest on Friday, maybe going to the gym straight from work to get in a upper body workout.

On the work front, the new job is going great so far. It all seems very interesting. I really think I'm going to like it. It's been difficult acclimatising to working again though as I have missed a few gym sessions this week. I am going to make a start of going for a small run before work and heading off down the gym straight from work before going for my evening training sessions.

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