Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This goes out to the boyz at the track

Yes - you know who you are!

It was another good session at the track tonight, ten 400m's with a 90s recovery. Each lap was between 72 and 76 seconds and we all managed to run fairly consistent, maybe a bit quick on the first couple but overall not too bad. Nick, Harry and Sean all started back up the track a bit, they gave me a head start on account of my old age and general decrepitness. On the first few reps they came firing past but as the session wore on there was life in the old dog and by the last couple I was managing to stay ahead, oh yeah, bring it on (I still had the head start mind but we won't mention that again).

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Nick Todd said...

Hi Dave its Nick!! (1 of the 'boyz at the track'!!) Looks like you have set us abit of a challenge there! Lovin the blog!!

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