Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Well, we had a no show by one of our younger runners (whom shall remain nameless). Took it out for around 55 minutes this morning. Through Leigh Woods, around by Abbots Pool and back in for a loop of Ashton Court. We had a fairly good pace going especially considering the couple of hills. It was good to see Sean running so strongly at the end, really pushing up the final hill. He seems to have acclimatised to these slightly longer runs.

My legs felt achy come the end but still managed to work hard in the latter stages. Now I can enjoy my well earned rest day tomorrow before the Bridge Inn 5k on Tuesday. I hope to run somewhere near 18 minutes but it all depends how well the legs recover. To be honest, I'm not too worried about the time. At the moment it's all about being ready for Luton. Saying that though, I will be disappointed if I'm outside 19.

All in all I've managed some excellent training this weekend and in fact the whole week. Just need one more long run next weekend (24 miles!!!) and I'm sorted.

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