Saturday, October 28, 2006

Big miles

Twas a good run this morning. Clocked up about 22.5 miles with no sight of the wall today. The time was a bit slow but there were a couple of contributing factors to this. Firstly my legs felt a bit tired to start with. I guess I still have a bit of last weeks race lingering in them, so I decided it was wiser not to push it too hard. Secondly, have you ever tried running in Leigh Woods when it's been raining? I decided I would stay in the woods for about an hour. I think I must have run up and down almost every path there is! Boy was it slippy in places. Made the wrong shoe decision as well. Should have used the Walshes and not the road shoes. In places I had almost no grip and had to take it really slow to avoid going down. Finished off with half an hour on the exercise bike to let the legs recovery.

Tomorrow it's Ashton Court again for our normal 10am run. Suffice to say I will be taking it easy.

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