Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Interval in the park

Tonight's interval session was back over at Combe Dingle on the grass, the first time this autumn. I'm still recovering from Sunday so I took it fairly easy. The full session was 2 x 6 minutes, with 2 mins recovery followed by 4 x 3 minutes, with 1:30mins recovery (the last one only had 1 min recovery) and then 6 x 1:30 minutes with decreasing recovery from 1 min. Suffice to say I let myself off the the final six reps. I ran the 6 and 3's hard though and although my quads felt heavy the rest of me seemed to work OK.

I'm looking for a half marathon in mid November. I intended to run an even pace and will try to get 81:00 / 81:30. I learnt a lot about myself on Sunday. I (think) I know what level I'm at and hope to apply that knowledge successfully. I believe I'm capable of running 6:10/12 minute miling. We shall see.

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