Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Way out west, Aztec that is

Went over to Aztec West for some mile reps. Ran the first two in 5:36 and 5:39 which is thirty seconds quicker than I've ever gone before. On the third rep my right calf began to tighten again, I have been suffering with this for a few weeks now, so I slowed down so as to not aggravate it. I want to run a track speed session tomorrow so hopefully it will ease off by then. It is not really that bad, yesterday I was limping so it does ease off pretty quickly with a days rest. I will have to see what I do for the rest of the week though as I desperately want to get out for 22 miles on Saturday at 3:10 marathon pace. I will see how it is on Friday but I recon it will be OK.

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