Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a disaster

A terrible disaster - and just when I thought I was beginning to turn the corner. Ok, so I went out a bit quick - actually quite a bit to quick - but I died like you wouldn't believe. I just couldn't force myself to go any quicker - or in fact, stop myself slowing to a crawl. Up until the turn things were perhaps a bit too rosy, but boy, after the short uphill section to the three k marker I was doomed. I fell apart like a wall built by Bodgit and Leggit. I was useless and I really want to draw a line under the performance and forget about it. It's safe to say I didn't break 19 minutes. Awful. Just awful.

Right, mood restored.

It was good to see Mike T back racing - even if the cad overtook me as I wilted in the summer sun. It'll be good to resume our battles and I hope he doesn't suffer any after effects of the race. No doubt, he'll be busy blogging when he gets home. I await his report.

Time for feet up and to prepare for crying myself to sleep... only kidding.