Friday, January 16, 2009


Having arrived home at a goodly hour I proceeded to dot the t' and cross the i's of a couple of work things - never accuse my of slacking - unless it's to do with running, of course, for that, I'm major general slack. With all those crosses and dots out the way I focused my mind before embarking on the maiden voyage of the good ship Tunturi.

I input my details - weight, sex - stop it, age, inside leg measurement - dialled up thirty minutes of hill run session, cranked up the volume on the mp3 and hit go.

So was it any good? You know, I think it was. It was pretty tough going and I was sweating like a sumo wrestler by the end and my calves felt a little tight but I can see it'll do me a lot of good - as long as I can condition myself to hop on board after work and take the good ship Tunturi for half an hour round the harbour and back.

Here's hoping...