Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A bit of an improvement

Wednesday is here again - and that can only mean one thing - it's the middle of the week. I mean, track night - yeah. Or not as the case may be. Tonight it was yeah.

Bruce was absent, the curse of the injury has struck and it stopped him running at the Midlands on the weekend. Danny was back for more though - and Sean, well he never misses.

We ran 600m reps. Make that, Sean ran 600m reps the rest of us ran a mix 600's and 400's. The recovery was sixty seconds but for those of us replacing some of the sixes with fours that gave us 90 seconds - result.

I ran my fastest reps for quite some considerable time - no one was more surprised than me, and that's the truth. Since Sean ran the full set of eight the rest of us were able to mix in our fours during his rep. That meant I was almost able to keep up- I said almost. My splits were 2:00, 77, 75, 2:01, 75, 76 and 74. I can't believe I managed to run them that quick - result - again.

Oh, and now for my latest scheme. I found a website - - which sets out a six week (of three days a week) plan that prepares you to be able to push 100 consecutive push ups without resting. The sister site, twohundredsitups, aims to get you to - any guesses? Anyway, tonight is day 2 of week 1. Core strength here I come...