Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Not quite ready

My throat is all but not sore any more but the glandy things on my neck still feel a bit tender to the touch - I know, I know, well don't touch them then. What I'm saying is that I'm not right yet - shut it.

It's cold outside. Oh baby, it's cold outside. Infact it's damn cold and I'm not prepared to risk making things worse before they're better. One more day should see me over this blip and I can get back to the track tomorrow night.

I don't expect things to be any warmer tomorrow so I'll probably end up taking it a bit easy but I'd rather lose a few days training now and be able to get back into it proper by Saturdays Kymin race than cause things to linger longer. And in any case, Saturday's race is just a training session for me. A useful marker to compare to last years race to see where I am in the Scheme of things.

Steady as she goes, Captain...