Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lunching around

Clive didn't feel like it today so it was just Graham and I heading out from HQ for an easy half - that's hour not marathon, silly.

We ran a flatish circuit through Headley park along the streets and back across this really nice stretch of open park land that I never even knew existed. I spyed a great spot for some hill reps where you could run the hill and loop back round to the start. It has definite potential. Yes, definite potential for hill session during break time.

Anyway, we took it easy and I felt pretty good. My calves feel a bit tight but they'll probably be all the better for today's loosener. And then I did some ace programming in the afternoon and nailed the coding problem I was trying to solve - he shoots, he scores - you can wake up now, I've finished the boring, geeky bit.