Monday, January 05, 2009

The Pit and The Pump

These last couple of days have been a bit of a set back to the old running. I don't want to run while the throat is bad and the glands swollen - in my neck. The good news is that my throat feels a lot less sore today and I feel OK within myself. So all being well I should be back operational tomorrow for some training.

On the home front I had to take a half day to sort out the pit of dooooom. It's a pit and it what's inside is doom - say no more. Right, the man came round first thing so I climbed off my death bed to discuss what needed to be done. He decided we needed a full pump and clear - no, that's not a new weightlifting event - so an hour or two later along came the man with his van, sliding through the snow and got to work emptying the tank (or pit of doom, as I prefer to call it).

Anyway, wth the pit empty and the pump on its way to get some major heart surgery I got on with some work. Later in the day the resuscitated pump was reinstalled safely in the bowels of the pit and all was at peace in our little corner of the world. Here endeth today's short and not very epic tale. Maybe tomorrow there might even be some running to report...