Saturday, January 03, 2009

Easy, lad, easy

We got out for an hours easy run. It was cold - near froze my face off and I still have this slight question mark over my ankle but I managed a run and that's the important thing.

We looped through Flaxley woods before heading back across the field by the river - a route wot I showed Helen to avoid the boring route back along the road - and I only went wrong once.

We're heading down to this South West County cross country thing tomorrow so I must look up where it is on the map. I'm guessing an early start so I hope I manage to get a run. I really don't like cross country - all that running round a muddy field is a bit rubbish but I'll give it my best anyway. I'm certainly not quick enough to be in the team so I will have to blag a run one way or another.

Oh, and Helen survived the visit of my clan, who all came up for lunch - but only just...

..just kidding :)