Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Getting trac-tion

It was a tad chilly at the track. So chilly, in fact, that our spikes made crunching sounds as they bit into the icy precision surface of the Whitchurch track. Only Sean and Bruce made it out tonight. Rick had to abort on route to the track because of the traffic chaos in the city centre caused by an overturned car transporter on the M5 southbound towards Clevedon - you really needed to know that don't you. That's it from me, the Mad Runner, reporting for AA road watch. Goodnight and happy driving.

Just kidding - I haven't even mentioned the session yet.

We ran five sets of 400m, 90s recovery, then 800m with 2 minutes between sets. My throat was OK and just about held out although I did skip the final 800. I managed even splits - even if I was a little (make that a lot) slow. My 400's were 78/79s - ooh, wide of the post - but my eights at 2:48 were better - maybe not quite back of the net, but at least over the line - according to the Russian linesman anyway.