Saturday, January 24, 2009

Surprisingly enjoyable

I had, what I think for me, was a damn good workout at Midland XC Championships. I started near the back of the field - all in my game plan - and proceeded to knock out 4 near equally paced laps. In fact my last lap was my quickest by 20 to 30 seconds - nice. Throughout the course of the race my even pace gained me forty plus places but I have no idea of my finishing position. Then again, that doesn't matter. I ran those 4 laps on my limit. There was nothing spare come the end and 50.40 for 11.3k in the mud is pretty good for me.

I can finally say I've run a cross country race I enjoyed.

Helen was 15th in the women's race, third scorer in the team that took the silver. The men also took team silver - I only just missed a scoring place in the team - like bollocks did I, only a million places off that honour. Sean took a team bronze in the under 20's and there were plenty of other medals by our teams in the other categories but I don't know the detail.