Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cheeky gits

I just spent 15 minutes on the phone to Tesco trying to cancel my automatic car insurance renewal as I've insured elsewhere. You answer all the questions, you know, press '1' for this, '2' for that, '5' to be totally ignored - you know the kind of thing. Well anyway, it's one of those expensive numbers and after listening to 15 minutes of 'please don't leave' I realised they were taking the micky in a final bid to take some of my cash so I rang off. Feeling somewhat p*$&ed off I redialed - I had to get the damn renewal cancelled - but this time I selected the option to renew. It was a different story this time, oh yes - straight through to an operator - 'all our operators are busy' my arse - thieving, liars. Anyway, I had my operator and there was no way for them to avoid cancelling - score one for the home team. Tesco, every little helps - yeah, for their profits.

Right, to training. I decided to have a go on the bike. After two hard days I'm due an easier one and hopefully I can get out mid day tomorrow for the Dundry loop. It's the Llanthony fell race on Saturday followed by the May Hill Masacre on Sunday and although I'd love to beat Helen and avoid the one year whitewash, I honestly can't see it happening.

At this stage, training is king and the more I push myself now the better things will be in a few months. So no taper for me, it's time to race myself fit.

Top tip of the day: If you want to cancel your Tesco insurance ring and pretend you want to renew or sign up and you'll get yourself an operator in seconds - and then you can hit them with your cancellation.