Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bloody knackered

We went for a run in the Malverns this afternoon. From the Holly Bush end to the big trig point hill with the funny monument thing - whatever it is - and back again.

I was absolutely knackered. It wasn't so bad going out but running full into the gusting wind took it out of me and with about 5k still to go I bonked, hit the wall, call it what you will - I had had it - he shoots, he doesn't even see the ball let alone kick it anywhere.

It's all my own fault. I just didn't fuel up enough. By the end I had the shakes and needed a quick shot of sugar to bring myself round - cue the coca cola.

It was still a good run of 20k and 3000 feet of ascent but I need to make sure I'm fueled up next time.